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Supporting universal design
“AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” is dedicated to applying the concept of “universal design,” which is easy to see and friendly to everyone, regardless of disability, age, gender, etc.
More specifically, we try to make the website legible even for elderly people by paying particular attention to the following precautions:
- Using no platform-dependent character
- Using no half-width katakana
- Using no frame
- Employing titles that precisely express the page content
- Providing link images with additional information that allows viewers to imagine the content of the link site
- Using no space or line feed in the middle of words
* What is universal design?
“Universal” means “existing everywhere or involving everyone,” and universal design thus refers to “design for all people.”
Universal design can be used and understood by all people, regardless of individualities and capabilities, such as gender, age, height, educational background, family structure, physical characteristics, race, hobby, personality, knowledge, and preferences.
Web accessibility policy
For “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi,” we will improve accessibility to ensure, maintain, and improve accessibility in accordance with JIS X 8341-3:2016 “Design Guidelines for Consideration of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities¾Equipment for Information and Communications, Software and Services ¾Part 3: Web content.”

Scope of applications
Entirety of “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” (https://medicaltourism.pref.aichi.jp/)
(Except for contents based on Google and other external services, such as pdf files and other attached files except for html files, pages in foreign languages, and contents with videos)

Target conformance level and compatibility level
In consideration of compliance level A of JIS X 8341-3:2016
* The term “in consideration of” on this page means as set forth by the “Description Guidelines of Compatibility Level of Web Contents to JIS X 8341-3:2016¾March-2016 Version” established by the Info-communication Access Council, Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee (URL: http://waic.jp/docs/jis2016/compliance-guidelines/201603/).
Link policy
Links may be attached freely on your website in principle. While you require no advance notification, you must clearly state that the link is to “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi.”
However, please refrain from placing the link to our website in the following cases:
Our website contents are posted in the frame, thus making the source (“AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi”) unclear and leading to misunderstanding among third parties.
The linked page has restrictions on the link and other precautions. (Please consult the department that prepared the page.)
The content of the link source may contain information that violates or may violate laws and regulations.
Please note that the pages may be subject to change in or deletion of names or content or change in URLs (addresses) without prior notice.

Restriction on mutual links
Mutual links are restricted to public organizations in principle.

Scope of application of the link policy
This link policy relates to Aichi Prefecture’s website “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” and does not apply to other websites linked to this web page.