Privacy Policy

On Aichi Prefecture’s website “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi,” personal information is strictly controlled and properly handled during collection, utilization, and management within the scope of intended use in accordance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information.”

What is personal information?
Personal information refers to individual-related information, such as address, name, phone number, and email address, that can identify a specific individual. The personal information includes information that can be checked against other information and thus identify a specific individual.
Collection of personal information
When collecting personal information, the purpose of use of such information is clarified in advance. Personal information is collected to the extent that the purpose of use can be fulfilled. When Aichi Prefecture collects personal information, only information necessary to achieve the purpose will be collected. In principle, only personal information provided by users of their own will is collected by Aichi Prefecture on this site.
Use and provision of personal information
Personal information provided (registered) by you will not be used or provided for any purpose other than the intended use, except for the cases set forth by the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information.”
Management of personal information
Proper measures for personal information collected from you are taken against leakage, unauthorized use, tampering, and other frauds. Personal information will promptly be deleted without fail after it becomes no longer necessary.
Handling of cookies(About cookies)
“AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” is using a technology called “cookies” to improve your convenience.
With cookies, information to identify browsers of users who accessed “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” is stored in users’ computers (or smartphones, tablets, or other devices) so that information used during previous accesses can be used in the next access.
Cookies are used to change the text size and background color of the website, analyze usage of the website, and improve services.
You may change the settings to disable the cookie function depending on your browser. (The setting method depends on the browser. For instructions on settings, please refer to the ‘Help’ menu of your browser.) After changing the settings, however, all or a part of the services of our website and other websites using the cookies may not be available.
(About the access log)
When users access “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi,” information about the access is recorded in access logs and stored for a specified period of time.
Information recorded in access logs includes date and time of access, IP address and type of browser used, and no information to identify individuals is recorded.
The data are only used for analysis of website usage as server operation information and for improvement of services and will never be used to collect and analyze personal information.
(About SSL/TLS)
“AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” encrypts received and transmitted information by “SSL/TLS” as required to protect information.
In encryption by SSL/TLS, information entered on the inquiry form of “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi,” for example, is automatically encrypted by your browser to prevent the contents from being readable even when a third party intercepts the message transmitted or received via the server.
(About use of Google Analytics)
“AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi” measures accesses using Goggle Analytics (Google LLC) on some webpages to enhance services and may analyze information with cookies generated associated with the analyses. In the course of this process, some information on visitors, such as webpage URLs and IP addresses, may be collected by Google LLC.
Such information is used only for analysis of website usage, preparation of reports, and improvement of services. Visitors are considered to have permitted data processing performed by Google LLC by the above-mentioned method and for the above-mentioned purposes by utilizing “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi.”
SIf you want to select the method to collect data by yourself when using Google Analytics, please use “Analytics Opt-out Ad-on.”
SData collected by use of Google Analytics is managed in accordance with the privacy policy of Google LLC. For the terms of service and privacy policy of Google Analytics, please check the website of Google Analytics.
SGoogle Analytics Opt-out Ad-on (External website)
SGoogle Analytics Terms of Service (External website)
SGoogle Policies and Principles (External website)
SIt shall be noted that Aichi Prefecture is not liable for any damage resulting from use of the services of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Opt-out Ad-on.
Notes for all users of SNSs
Some social networking services (SNS) may automatically transmit user IDs, accessed sites, and other information to the SNS from web pages with SNS "buttons" even if the user does not press such "buttons" while viewing the web pages. For details, please refer to the “Notes for all users of SNSs” (on the website of the Personal Information Protection Commission).
For privacy policies of SNSs used by “AICHI MEDICAL TOURISM Navi,” please check the websites of the respective service providers:
-Meta’s privacy policy for Facebook (External website)
-X’s privacy policy for X (External website)
-LY Corporation’s privacy policy for LINE (External website)
-Google LLC’s privacy policy for YouTube (External website)
-Meta’s privacy policy for Instagram (External website)
Governing laws and court of competent jurisdiction
The interpretation and operation of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, the Nagoya District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with these provisions.