Aichi Prefecture, with convenient accessibility
from Asian countries via Chubu Centrair International Airport,
features prompt and meticulous high-level Japanese-standard medical care.


"Medical tourism" means "accepting foreign patients who visit Japan to seek medical care at Japanese medical institutions" among foreign nationals accepted by Japanese medical institutions.
More foreign visitors are visiting Japan, and there are not a few visitors seeking Japanese advanced medical care. Aichi Prefecture is dedicated to internationalization of medical care by promoting medical tourism to provide high-level medical care to patients from overseas countries.



Japanese medical care providing safe, reliable, and proper treatment with careful attention and compassionate response

In Japan, safe medical care is provided warm-heartedly by physicians with high medical skills who explain the details in a clean environment.

Advantages of Japanese medical institutions

  • Medical care team consisting of diversified specialists

    Medical care team consisting of diversified specialists
    Diversified specialist physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in different diagnostic and clinical departments cooperate with each other, share patient information, and work together in teams to treat patients in a comprehensive approach.
  • Advanced therapeutic technology with advanced medical devices

    Advanced therapeutic technology with advanced medical devices
    We comply with patient needs with state-of-the-art medical technology, such as endoscopic diagnoses and treatment, cerebral and cardiac catheterization, and robotic surgery, to treat various diseases. Our safe and advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology can be provided to even elderly patients.
  • Careful attention and compassionate attention

    Careful attention and compassionate attention
    Healthcare staff act while keeping the best for patients in mind, and physicians intelligibly explain diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The environment is thus maintained to ensure safe and reliable medical care.
Sightseeing in Aichi Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture is a very attractive area where you can enjoy nature, such as mountains, seas, and islands, as well as industrial and cultural aspects and can visit historical attractions,
such as castle ruins,
shrines and temples.
Sightseeing in Aichi Prefecture
Sightseeing in Aichi PrefectureSightseeing in Aichi Prefecture
Local delicacies
Aichi Prefecture also features a unique culture in Japan rooted in "fermentation culture," such as miso, shoyu (soy sauce), and mirin (sweet cooking rice wine). Representative local specialties of Aichi include soybean miso-based
dishes, including noodle
stew and miso cutlet.
Local delicaciesLocal delicacies

Sightseeing areas of Aichi Prefecture

Aichi Prefecture is situated at the center of Japan with good access to both Tokyo and Osaka. The prefecture is divided into the North Owari, Western Owari, Nagoya, Chita, Western Mikawa, and Eastern Mikawa Areas. Each area has its own attractions and a variety of spots to enjoy.

    The Northern Owari Area, located very close to Nagoya, is richly endowed with a natural environment, such as mountains showing scenic beauty in each of the four seasons. It also provides historical attractions, including Inuyama Castle, a National Treasure, and Meiji Mura, an open air museum where you can see lives in the Meiji Period.
    The Western Owari Area features many famous festivals in Japan, such as the vibrant Konomiya Naked Festival and gorgeous Ichinomiya Tanabata Festival, and has many historic landmarks throughout the area. You can also enjoy events such as hands-on workshops.
    The Nagoya Area is characterized by its diversity, consisting of Osu, where you can enjoy a downtown atmosphere and multinational stores, Meieki and Sakae, with many commercial and amusement facilities, and the Nagoya Castle area, rich in historical atmosphere.
    The Chita Area is an area with a concentration of exquisite cuisine, sightseeing, hot springs, and other attractive entertainment destinations. You can enjoy the giant Guardian Cat "Tokonyan" in Tokoname, a popular amusement park, and an outing to an outlying island, where you can satisfy yourself with fresh seafood from Mikawa Bay.
    The Western Mikawa Area is an area of history and culture, consisting of Okazaki, the birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu, who established the Edo shogunate, Toyota, the city of automobiles with a flourishing automobile industry, and Nishio, one of the cities with the highest Matcha production in Japan.
    The Eastern Mikawa Area, blessed with rich mountain forests, seas, and other nature, offers numerous hands-on activities in nature of each of the four seasons, and many resort facilities are scattered throughout the area.


Flow of medical tourism

The medical services in Aichi Prefecture ensure a high level of safety and equality.
Here is our standardized flow of acceptance and treatment.

Types of treatments and flow of general health checkup, complete medical checkup, and treatments

Flow of medical tourism

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Flow of medical tourism


Movie of medical tourism in Aichi

The movie introduces the characteristics of medical tourism in Aichi, where you can receive prompt and attentive medical care, and also presents medical devices used at medical institutions.

Aichi Medical Tourism Part2


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